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Camille and Megan enjoy each other company a lot, they are friends, flatmates and genuine lesbian escorts. Since they met a couple of years ago, they are inseparable, enjoys their escorting job and travelling around the world. Both love to visit Megan friends in Latvia and pop up for a weekend in Paris where Camille was born. Don’t you think it is rare to have a truly emotional, mental and physical connection as these two escort girls have? If you want to see the true magic connection you need to meet Camille and Megan. These two stunning looking blondies offer extraordinary escort services and you can be sure you will take part in an unforgettable lesbian show.

The male psyche

Psychologists explain why straight men are so fascinated and erotically attracted to lesbianism. So the history of psychoanalysis says that men during early childhood believe that their the most important women in life, their mother are virgins. Of course, it is barely conscious belief but very important. Certainly, it would be disturbing to the young boy to imagine his caring and loving mother involved in any sexual activities. Furthermore, young boys tend to build an image of their most important female as pure, kind and definitely not involved in anything nasty or erotic.

The template!

The problem starts when a young boy becomes a teenager he might project the same belief on other important women in his life. In the result, the boy thinks that if a girl is loving and caring she can’t be interested in sex as much as he is. Unfortunately, this happens on an unconscious level and creates a lot of guilt. Also, the boy sees himself as dirty and sex is a shameful male secret.

Lesbian fascination

Why men are so fascinated with lesbian sex? Well, it is because it proves that sex is not a nasty and primitive male thing. The ladies during lesbian sex are sexually excited, lust driven and want sex as much as men. Watching two women during sexual activities a man gets a relief from seeing he is not the only one who wants sex and do erotic things. Lesbian sex is a great source of excitement! Also, it teaches men that women want to do all sort of sexual things as well. Finally, it takes the burden of guilt away.

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Personal Details
26 and 25
32C and 32B both natural
Frech and Latvian
French, English and Latvian
Gloucester Road