The companionship meeting

The rules of the companionship meeting

High-class escorts provide companionship service, which means you paid them for a companionship meeting. In the old days, you would call them mistresses or courtesans and these ladies were respected and part of the high-end society. Nowadays regardless of the standard or level of the service, society treats them as prostitutes. It does not matter if we are talking about a call-girls from the corner or elite companions they deserve some respect. The truth is that quite often these escort ladies from a lower level do not respect themselves and they need more kindness than anyone else. You might say that many are greedy, gold digger type. Yes, that might be a case with a many of them, but not all so do not judge them by what they do but who they are.

Be nice and respectful.companionship meeting

Do not call an escort girl “babe” or “honey” but please address her by using her name. Just show a little bit of courtesy, and you will get much more than you would expect. An escort lady knows what her job is and by showing her kindness, she will go an extra mile.

 Ask question do not bark orders.

Although it is a paid service, escort girl is not your servant or a slave. Do not ask a question like “What you are going to get for your money”. Again explain precisely what you seeking and you can be sure, kindness will do the job.

Use a shower facility.

If you are using an incall escort service, every escort lady has a shower facility. You do not need to worry about time, and no one will be so strict with an extra 5 min. It is in the interest of both of you.

Girlfriend experience

Every escort lady offers a GFE experience during the escort meeting, but she will not be your girlfriend. Do not mistake this, she is not your girlfriend and will not accept invitations for coffee or dinner date unless it is a companionship meeting.